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  • Maximize the value of your degree by starting work sooner
  • Begin your career or graduate/professional program earlier
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Out of state residents could save approximately $11,853; and more than $36,270 compared to graduating in 5 years*.


First-time, full-time domestic beginning freshmen who graduate in, or prior to, their 8th consecutive regular semester (fall and spring).

International students meeting these criteria will receive a waiver reducing their tuition charge to the resident rate for their final term.


  When compared to graduating in 5 years you have the potential of saving:



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Q: What does the initiative include?

A: The program will cover undergraduate tuition (or the portion of tuition) in the final semester that is not paid by another source (excluding Pell Grants) such as institutional, state, private or gift aid. Students receiving the NM Legislative Lottery Scholarship will be eligible to receive funding in the amount of tuition not funded by the program. Students whose tuition is paid in full by a source other than Pell Grants will not receive funding.

Q: What costs am I responsible for in my last semester?

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Q: How do I tell you I want to participate?

A: Prior to your final semester, you will indicate your intent to graduate and eligibility for the program to the UNM Student Financial Aid Office via the online form. Upon verification, the appropriate amount will be awarded at the beginning of your final semester.

Q: Can I take a course at another institution?

A: As long as you remain continuously enrolled as a full-time student at the UNM main campus in each regular semester through graduation, you may take courses elsewhere.

Q: What happens if I don’t graduate in my 8th semester after receiving the award?

A: Should a student who received the tuition incentive not graduate in the same semester, the award amount will be reversed in the student’s account. If the student subsequently graduates by the summer after the 8th consecutive regular semester, the award will be reinstated.

Q: *What method did you use to calculate tuition savings?

A: The incentive is applied to tuition only. We assumed a 3% increase each year and no other financial assistance. This example is for first-time full-time domestic freshmen entering Fall 2023.

5-Year Tuition Only ScheduleYear 1 Tuition
Year 2 Tuition
Year 3 Tuition
Year 4 Tuition
Year 5 Tuition
Your Savings
Resident Tuition$5,581$5,748外网加速器推荐$3,049$6,281$9,330

Note: Mandatory fees are in addition to tuition. Fees in 2018-2023 are $1,904. For more information about tuition and fees, visit

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